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TEFL Teacher Training & Development Centre

Founded in 1989


You can now attend all our courses fully online – never miss a seminar or workshop with recordings made available for study.


We have offered Cambridge Certificates and Diplomas since 1993 have built an international reputation for quality instruction and tutorial support


We understake consultations and tailor made teacher development programmes for schools anywhere around the world.


Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence

in Teaching & Teacher Education

CELT  is primarily a TEFL training centre, dedicated to teacher development and to the pursuit of excellence in foreign language education in the private and public sectors.


Our Mission Statement

We are firmly committed to an Equal Opportunities Policy and you can find our more about the people of this organisation by clicking here and testimonials by trainees who have attended our courses can be accessed through this page! Our courses include the Cambridge CELTA Certificate course as well as a range of other courses, from English for English Language Teachers & Grammar for English Language Teachers preparatory programmes for TEFL teachers to the post-graduate Cambridge Delta Diploma. But apart from these two flagship courses which have built our great reputation as a centre, we also offer a variety of shorter course options as well as workshops and consultation services for language centres. Please click on link to find out a summary of all our TEFL Courses To date, we have trained more than 2,500 Foreign Language teachers, directors of studies and administrators and have worked with the private as well as the state school sector. CELT trainees come from many countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, S.Africa and more) as well as from Greece. They come to CELT to start or develop their teaching careers ; many currently hold posts of responsibility in Greece and overseas.


Top qualification for a career in TEFL

There is no other teaching certificate mentioned as much the Cambridge CELTA in all the job postings on the web. The course leading to this Teaching Award is taken annually by more than 10,000 teachers worldwide – some are completely new to the profession and some seek it as proof of training even though they may be quite experienced. Read all about it here and find out how you, too can obtain it at our centre.


With input online on the Cambridge platform and Teaching Practices in Zoom, this is a great choice for obtaining this Top Certificate without ever leaving home.


With Input online and Teaching Practices in Athens, this is  a gread option for working teachers. Temporarily discontinued due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


This is a course option temporarily discontinued due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


Our track record is outstanding and we have had excellent successful outcomes on all our courses!


The next level up in TEFL qualifications

For experienced teachers who wish to consolidate their career and take on positions of responsibility as Directors of Studies, Academic Managers, Teacher Trainers or other senior positions. The Delta is often quoted as one of the requirements. You can find out all about the options we offer if you visit our DELTA page to explore the options below. 


Oour integrated course leads you the full Diploma in 12 months on less, depending how much time you can dedicate to your studies.


Some teachers can only follow one module at a time. It’s common to start with Module 1 before attempting other modules.


Now you can choose to have all your teaching assessments conducted fully online with our own students or even your own online or face-to-face classes!


Choose the Module 3  specialism that will fit best your teaching situation or, if you have aspirations for management or administrative positions, choose the ELT Management course.

Trainee Reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our trainees say:

CELTA was a wonderful journey, you made my dream come true and I can’t believe I am a teacher! I couldn’t have asked for better tutors, they were just fantastic. They trusted me and encouraged me, they were always there to help and guide me. I will never forget them and my CELTA “family”.

Deboraj Cerato

CELTA Online January 2023

I had the most amazing learning journey completing this course . It was definitely worth the time and effort I put into it, as I feel I have been equipped with the necessary skills to move onto my teaching career . My tutors were tough but amazing! Without their support I could not have completed the course. I made new teaching colleagues and I look forward to continuing my learning journey with my CELTA.

Carolina Vereker

CELTA Online April 2022

CELT has knowledgeable and supportive tutors. They helped me at every stage of the course. Although the course was entirely online, I felt so comfortable as if it was face to face. Strong relationships were formed among the trainees and that was great. I met people from literally all over the world which broadened my horizons. Such a great course for Personal Development! It made me feel more confident about who I am professionally. So take my word and give it a try!

Aikaterini Charaktinioti

DELTA All Modules 2022

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had! This course gave me the opportunity to develop myself and my skills! My tutors were lovely and very willing to help me anytime! It was such a pleasure and I am grateful that I decided to take this course!

Kate Papadakis

CELTA Online 2021

DELTA is an infamously hard course to pass so I personally would like to thank my great tutors Marisa and Angelos who were fantastic in delivering input and providing us with a great support framework during this course! I highly recommend taking Module 1 or all three modules at CELT as they are both very competent and knowledgeable about how to pass the DELTA!

Jonathan Eagle

DELTA Modules 1 & 3 2022

Friendly, knowledgeable tutors, professional conduct and a very worthwhile experience. Highly recommended.

Alexander Shaw

Delta Modules 2021

I wish you all the best thank you for everything you have given me this difficult year.

If I could I would do it again. Thank you.
Maria Karagianni

Delta Module 1 online 2020

My one month stay at Athens, with CELT Athens, was nothing short of wonderful. I was well looked and given tremendous academic support by my tutors. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat!

Tarveen Wallia

Blended Delta 2018

Each step we took during the course was with guidance by highly experienced and professional tutors. I feel really thankful the great help from the Athens centre, for you are the ones who boosted my professional development.

Zilin Zhao

CELTA Online 2021

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Our Team

Marisa Constantinides

Centre Director – Course Designer & Tutor All Courses

Angelos Bollas

CELTA & DELTA Course Tutor

Paul Ashe

Delta ELT Management & CELTA Tutor

Brigid Nugent

Cambridge CELTA & DELTA Tutor

Sarah Smith

Cambridge CELTA & YL Tutor

Mohamed al Mohamady

Cambridge CELTA Tutor

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