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Month: November 2011

Teacher training and Development

My 11 from '11

<![CDATA[Am taking up  Adam Simpson’s challenge, well, not really a challenge, more like an invitation but such a nice way to look back at what I have blogged about this year.  Adam said, “Choose the best 11” but I must confess I don’t write as many posts as all that. Some people seem to be able to churn…
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Embedding Creative Thinking Skills Training into our EFL Practice

<![CDATA[Post Updated with videos downloaded from Upstream   Videos of  most of my talk at IATEFL Harrogate 2010 [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmWitpupIwk&w=420&h=315] Part A about 22 minutes  (conntent of slides 1-7 below is not included)  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVrU_5BEbxI&w=420&h=315]  Part B about 8 minutes   A Summary of my talk  It has been suggested that creativity (or, as it is also…
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A Little & Often: Integrating Technology on Teacher Development Courses

<![CDATA[A few months ago (April-June 2011*)  I wrote a report on a survey on the use of technology amongst CELTA tutors. The results were rather disheartening and the prevailing attitudes among many of my respondents ranged from the completely negative (“It is not our job/place to introduce technology on CELTA courses; there are more important…
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aPLaNet – Promoting Teacher Autonomy

<![CDATA[  aPLaNet Online!!!! I am writing these lines while our third meeting is in progress in Brno, in the Czech Republic.  So far we have generated a lot of interest amongst the members of our PLN who have joined our Ning and our Facebook group And we have been working very hard and have produced a great variety…
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Dyslexia Checklists

  Checklist 1 taken from Dyslexia Action  If the answer to most of the following questions is ‘Yes’ it would be wise to seek advice: All ages 1. Is he bright in some ways with a ‘block’ in others? 2. Is there anyone else in the family with similar difficulties? 3. Does he have difficulty…
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Going to Conferences, Connecting with Fellow Teachers – #TESOL France

<![CDATA[  My online life has become a source of continuous Professional Development and constant contact with my Personal Learning Network (PLN), which includes inspired and inspiring educators from all over the world. I talk to them on Twitter and Facebook every day. We hold organised discussions on Twitter every Wednesday. But meeting with them in…
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