Fostering Teacher Creativity – Webinar to celebrate book launch! June 17

Event Info Speaker Info Event Registration Marisa Constantinides:           Creating Creative Teachers Wednesday, June 17, 2015 6:00:00 PM EEST – 7:00:00 PM EEST Creativity is a topic which has received much attention lately, especially after Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED talk, with many conference talks, articles and blog posts giving us new and exciting ways of […]

CELTA and Technolology – With or Without it?

In a recent end-of-course evaluation report,  one of our CELTA candidates suggested (complained is perhaps a better word) that her expectations of a higher grade on the CELTA course were not fulfilled because she did not know how to use technology. Had she not been encouraged to use it (by her tutor), she said,  she would have achieved a higher grade. It was […]