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Delta News Bulletin December 2020

Teacher training and Development

Delta News Bulletin December 2020

    Make the most of the opportunity 

   to complete your Delta fully online!

       Cambridge Delta – Important News


Temporary Arrangements for Teaching Assessments

due to Covid-19 

Assessed teaching practice on DELTA Module Two can now  take place in an online teaching environment,
or via remote assessment.This is a temporary arrangement for all courses beginning up to June 2021
and it may give a lot of teachers who are unable to travel the opportunity to complete or start their
Module 2 without leaving home. 



Cambridge Delta Module 1 course Fully Online


This module focuses on extending & developing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning English in a range of contexts. 

In additiong to methods, approaches and techniques, Module 1 tests candidates’ language awareness in a wide varitey of language areas. 

It is assessed by written examinations offered twice a year, in June and December.


Upcoming 20 week course  

February 1 – May 26 2021

June – 7 – October 30 2021

Upcoming 4 week course 

May 3 – May 21 202



Find out more about Module 1


Delta Module 2 – a Fully Online course 


Our next module 2 only course starts in February 2021 and all the course content will be delivered online in a Zoom classroom. 

Teaching assessments will also be done online 

  • at the candidate’s centre to be observed by the tutor remotely via livestreaming 
  • in an onine class (live) with the tutor present.

Tuition for this course is now 1800 euros payable in 4-5 instalments. Our candidates are also entitled to a a short free online prep course on how to teach online. 

Upcoming  week course
February 1 – June 30 2021
June – 7 – November 30 2021


Learn more about our M2 course




Module 3 Support & Courses


Upcoming Courses
January 11 – March 07 2021 


IIf you have completed your Modules 1 and 2, you may be looking for Module 3 support. We understake to support most specialisms in the Cambridge specialisms list which you can view here. Our Experienced tutors can help you select the best option so do please get in touch to discuss your M3 assignmemt focus!

Option 1 (Extending Practice & ELT Specialism)  In this option you need to design a short syllabus for a class you are teaching 

Option 2 (ELT Management)


 In this option you need to plan and describe an innovation in a language programme which you have access to, 


More about Module 3 Support


Our Integrated 3-modules Delta Fully Online PT courses 


 Upcoming courses
February 1 – June 31 2021
June 7 – November 30 2021

Delivered live in synchronous sessions with audio & video.Teaching assessments will also be done either with candidates’ classes to be observed by the tutor remotely via livestreaming, or in an onine class (live) with the tutor present.

The online course prepares candidates for Modules 1 & 2. Module 3 support follows Module 1 & 2 work and is carried out fully online. 


Tuition for our 3-module course is 2500 euros payable in 6-8 instalments  Our candidates are also entitled to a short free online prep course on how to teach online.


More about the all modules Delta




Delta ELT Management – a Module 3 Certificate course 


Are you a new or aspiring ELT manager or Director of Studies? This is the right course to change the course of your career. You can focus on one  Adacemic Management, Human Resources Management, Customer Care or Marketing and build a great new career. Tuition is 600 euros for external candidates

Upcoming Courses
January 11 – March 07 2021 


Find out about the ELTM Module  3


Train the Trainer – a Cambridge Certified Course


Delta holders are prime candidates for this course, If you are hoping for a career as a trainer of teachers, this is a great first step. The course will be delivered fully online in part time mode and later – when the pandemic is over –  in full time mode in Athens. Tuition is 600 euros
Upcoming Courses 
January 11 – March 21 2021 PT
April 12 – 23  FT 


Click here to find out more 




And why would you not want to do just that? 

  • Our centre has been offering Delta courses since they were introduced by Cambridge and even before that, for the predecessor Diplomas, DOTE and DTEFLA  since 1989. This is called experience.
  • Our tutors are top presenters and trainers in the field and their presentations and publications are referred to by many other training centres around the globe! This is a mark of our international reputation and credibility.
  • We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in teacher education and have created and nurtured hundreds of trainees into great TEFL careers. No wonder we have been identified as education influencers.
  • Our results speak for themselves – our success rates have been steadily above the 80% mark in Module 1 and 90% in Module 2 when most other centres average 60% if lucky. This is a mark of excellence in tutorial support and quality of instruction.


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