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The Undercover CELTA

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The Undercover CELTA

I was shocked to hear that one of my past trainees in Athens Greece, is actually keeping her CELTA secret from her employer. She has begged her tutors all her colleagues never to mention her slip up to her employer (though she passed with a great grade!!)
In her school, she can only ‘do the coursebook’ in the prescribed order.
Most likely, her students must be kept in constant rigor mortis with loads of exercises from a variety of completely boring published textbooks.
Training is for the unlucky people who don’t know the secrets of this successful recipe, and anyone foolish enough to pay their good money for a CELTA or some such nonsense will simply not be hired.  Or their contract will not be renewed; they’re trouble anyway and ask for photocopies and won’t pay for them out of their own pocket and other silly materials for games and stuff.
Training is for dogs, not teachers.

Get your CELTA so you don’t have to work for employers like this one!

This is, unfortunately not the only local school owner who behaves like this and I must say that she, unfortunately, has a lot of currency amongst parents who take their kids away from more progressive school to subject them to death by grammar rule.
Serves you all right, people like this owner, that foreign binational centres are taking away your business simply by hiring people like my trainee and letting them do their job!!!
I don’t like what they’re doing to you either, but you don’t seem to be learning your lesson.

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