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My 2012 Nominations for the Edublogs Awards – #eddies 2012

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My 2012 Nominations for the Edublogs Awards – #eddies 2012


All  Nominated!!!

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Every year, since I started blogging in 2009, I have made  a point of writing  an Edublogs Awards nominations blog post; I have got so much out of my own nominations that I always want to pass it on to someone who is getting started or who has contributed to my learning

Best individual blog

Scott Thornbury’s An A-Z in ELT  
for the quality of his posts and the great discussions and comments he generates. Every post is an absolute must-read.

Best individual tweeterShellt Terrell @ShellTerrell She has lessons for us all!
Best group blog

This has to be 
www.eltchat.org  It’s a blog maintained by its moderators but the content is co-created through the conversations of dozens of twitter teachers which are then
written up into summaries by a wonderful collection of ELT bloggers!!

Best edtech / resource sharing blog

Nik’s Learning Technology Blog  because he always shares new technology tools but he includes highly reflective posts and discusses and evaluates them; combines technology with sound pedagogy

Best twitter hashtagblog

#ELTchat because it connects hundreds of ELT teachers every week on Twitter and keeps contributing to their development in a free and autonomous way; because it has created a PLN which is supportive and shares knowledge in a connected world. 

Best New Blogblog

Carol Goodey’s New Blog because it’s the blog of a reflective teacher


Best teacher blogblog

Box of Chocolates
Cecilia Lemos’ blog; because she reflects so well on her teaching and uses
her blog to become an outstanding teacher.

Best free web toolblog

At the time of writing this post, I am finding great value in curation tools; my favourite this year is Pinterest. 

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series

BESIG online webinars  

Best educational use of a social network/blog

The aPLaNet Project Ning  because it provides a meeting
point for teacher who mentor other teachers in the use of social networking tools for education. 

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Lifetime Achievementblog

Graham Davies – who recently left us. He left so much behind which is still of
great value to all teachers who want to learn about ICT both through his
blog as well as his website and groups he created around his diverse


Do vote for them or your favourite bloggers because through their reflections we all learn to be better educators]]>


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