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The Blended & Mixed Mode CELTA

Teacher training and Development


CELTA is now delivered in a variety of ways – some suit people who can take time off for 4 or 5 weeks and do a face to face course locally or in another country, some suit people who can only take time to do a fully online course. This flexibility allows candidates to choose the mode that suits them best. 

At CELT, we offer a variety of course options in to the fully online or face-to-face modes of delivery; now you can follow the CELTA in other ways as well – see below: 

Blended & Mixed Mode CELTA Course Options 

1/ Blended mode courses

This means that all the content is delivered fully online, synchronously* or asynchronously** but the teaching practices are all done face-to-face over a short period (for example over 2 or 3 weeks) or, if the course is  part time, over a longer stretch (for example over 8 – 10 weeks).  

This course delivery mode is ideal for working teachers who are comfortable learning online but want to experience teaching in face-to-face situations as this suits their local working prospects better. 

2/ Mixed mode courses 

This means that the course content is delivered fully online, live (synchronously*) or  in self-paced mode (asynchronously** ). Half the teaching practice lessons (4 in number) are taught  face-to-face over a short period (for example over 2 weeks) and the other half are taught online, on Zoom.

In this way, candidates experience both types of teaching, offline and online. 

N.B. Both course delivery options are usually described as blended or hybrid, but Cambridge has introduced the term mixed mode to describe the two different practice teaching options.