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Teacher training and Development

4 Ways DELTA Module 2 Made me a Better Academic Manager

  by Geoffrey Adamson Words like ‘management’ and ‘human resources’ do not come up often in conversations in or about DELTA Module 2. Terms like these, it seems, are relegated to Module 3 and its ELT Management option. Clearly, the ELTM option provides academic managers with the opportunity of a dive deep into aspects of…
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Online Journals for English Language Teachers

Most of these online journals are open access and ideal to help you follow new trends and developments in English Language Teaching. There are more than 60 listings in this post – you can see about 25 on each page – keep looking beyond page 1 !  

On Training up to Become a Cambridge CELTA tutor

Many of my Delta Diploma graduates and even CELTA graduates, often ask me if we would train them up so they can become CELTA tutors. This is a post to help them understand the process and why it is so difficult to get accepted on such an induction course.     Why are some teachers so keen…
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April 2021 News Bulletin

News Flash!!! The CELTA fully online now a permanent course option!    For those of you wondering whether the online CELTA would be offered after the end of the pandemic, some great news!  Cambridge Assessment has announced that the CELTA Fully online will from now on be one of the ways we can offer the…
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Online Journals for ELT

A listing of some important online journals useful to trainees on a variety of in-service training and post-graduate programmes

Delta News Bulletin December 2020

    Make the most of the opportunity     to complete your Delta fully online!        Cambridge Delta – Important News   Temporary Arrangements for Teaching Assessments due to Covid-19  Assessed teaching practice on DELTA Module Two can now  take place in an online teaching environment, or via remote assessment.This is a temporary arrangement…
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The Cambridge Delta Syllabus

Click to go full screen and read online or download and save. [office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=6E680231B0C1766D&resid=6E680231B0C1766D%21301981&authkey=AAep0JL34voEiis&em=2″ width=”476″ height=”288″]

The Cambridge CELTA Pre-interview Task

One of the frequent questions asked by potential candidates directly to us or via social platforms and groups is how to do well on their pre-interview task and what it’s about.  Cambridge loves a name all of its own for things done and this one is no exception! The ‘pre-interview task’ is primarily a test…
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Free English Lessons for Adults

Would you like to attend some free English classes?   Take the test and let us know your results We will contact you for some free online English this summer! Throughout the year we offer free English Language classes so that our teachers in training can practise the latest methods of English Language Teaching.  We…
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