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Grammar for Teachers

Teacher training and Development

  • Are you thinking of following a CELTA or a DELTA course and are not certain about your knowledge of the Grammar of English?

  • Are you able to spot mistakes in other people’s speech or writing but are unable to explain why something is wrong or what the rule is?

  • This may be the right course for you whether you are a native or a non-native speaker of English.

The cdictionaryourse is 30 hours in length and covers the following areas:

  • Form, Meaning & Function
  • Tense & Time in English
  • Voice – Passive vs Active
  • Hypothetical Meaning
  • Articles & Determiners
  • Modality
  • Adjectives, Nouns & Adverbs

In addition, there will be special sessions on

  • Grammar & Pronunciation
  • Grammar & Discourse
  • Contexts and Texts
  • Student Errors
  • Theoretical Grammars
  • Pedagogical Grammars
  • Grammar resources on the web

Where and When

The course will be taught online in a virtual classroom. Participants can be from all over the world and you can attend from the comfort of your own home without having to travel. The subject of Grammar, is well suited to online work as it does not involve teaching or observing teachers, although participants may be asked to observe a selection of videotaped grammar lessons to raise their awareness of how theoretical knowledge is translated into classroom practice.
Depending on the location of the participants, sessions will be offered at times convenient to their time zones.

Grammar for English Language Teachers 

Online Interactive Course 
New dates to be announced soon.

One 2-hour session every week in our online class 

Assessment and Certification

The course is assessed. Participants must attend the course fully and achieve Pass Level in the final written examination in order to obtain a certificate of attendance.

Links to Other Courses offered at CELT Athens

This course is highly suited to both native and non-native speaker teachers wishing to prepare for courses such as the CELTA, Delta, or other TEFL qualification which requires up-to-date knowledge of the Grammar of English at a level required for professional language teachers.

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