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Module 3 is an individual research assignment and, often, candidates select options suited to their individual teaching contexts so attending a group course is not possible for all specialisms. 

Most specialisms are covered by input in the taught part of our integrated courses with the exception of some topic areas such as the teaching of young learners and ELT Management, which do not form an integral part of the core Delta syllabus. 

At CELT, more often that not, support for Module 3 is done by individual tutorial rather than by attending a course. These are the stages of producing a Module 3 assignment which includes a course plan for a short course or for part of a longer course.  The time frame for this work is normally between 2 – 4 months depending on each candidate’s other commitments. Module 3 candidates can be external or they may be internal candidates following our integrated full course. 

MODULE 3 – Breakdown of Stages

For candidates tutored individually, the following steps are followedL  These form a timeline from the time we have accepted a candidate to the upload of their assignment into the Cambridge portal.  The time dedicated to each stage is discussed with each individual trainee but it cannot be less than 6 weeks before submission of the assignment. 

  1. Candidate background reading/study on specialism topic plus
    • Needs Analysis
    • Testing and Evaluation
    • Syllabus Design
    • Course Evaluation
  2. Submission of syllabus proposal to tutor
  3. Further guidance on specific reading or recordings or lectures
  4. Writing stage 1 – Introduction section draft (1,100 words) 
  5. Feedback on introduction section and rewrite
  6. Needs analysis design guidelines
  7. Diagnostic testing design guidelines
  8. Design of Needs Analysis questionnaire(s) and Diagnostic test(s)
  9. Feedback on NA and DT 
  10. Implementation of NA and DT with learner group 
  11. Collation and analysis of results of NA and DT 
  12. Compilation of appendix 2 NA and DT Findings
  13. Feedback on Appendix 2
  14. NA and DT section draft (900 words) 
  15. Feedback on NA/DT section and rewrite
  16. Course planning tutorial and design guidelines 
  17. Development of Course plan 
  18. Feedback on Course plan and rewrite
  19. Course Planning Section draft (1,100 words) 
  20. Feedback on Course planning section and rewrite
  21. Assessment input and design guidelines
  22. Assessment section draft (1,000 words) 
  23. Feedback on Assessment section and rewrite
  24. Conclusion section (400 words) 
  25. Assignment review and feedback
  26. Final assignment submission

If you have already completed your Modules 1 and 2 at another centre and still wish us to support your Module 3 work, do get in touch.

Cambridge usually suggests completing this module last, but not all candidates come from the same background or have the same level of experience with academic writing. Each case is examined on its merits. 


Tuition Fees

For external candidates or by-Module candidates is 600 euros plus the Cambridge assessment fee.  Candidates who have registered on the integrated course (3 module option), do not pay extra for any of the Option 1 specialisms that the centre offers. For option 2, internal candidates are required to pay an extra 300 euros.

Send us an Email from this page to ask about your specialism 

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Or send us an email to info@celt.edu.gr

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