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Teacher training and Development

The Online CELTA about to lift off!

It’s here! On the launch pad – our first CELTA online course – and we are already accepting applications from our first cohort of trainees who will begin their course on April 24.  Is the CELTA really fully done online?  The CELTA Online is not really  and truly a fully online course; it is a blended learning…
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CELTA lesson plans – back to front planning

A great post to make lesson planning for your course less onerous!!! We tell our students that starting from what you know helps you deal with the unknown. Alexander makes a case for doing exactly the same as a CELTA trainee. We hope this will help you. Marisa

Different platforms for online courses

On our Delta and other online courses, we use a combination of different online platforms. Which one(s) do you use?

Seven Questions for Alan Maley | TEFL Matters

“Life would be dull without creativity”, and “Creativity encourages risk taking”, Mr. Maley said in his talk at the launch of the most recent volume on creativity,Creativity in the English Language Classroom ,  a volume which he co-edited with Nik Peachy and for which he was an important inspiration.   As one of the contributors in this…
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Delta Module 1 Preparation Online mini course

Our Delta Courses are integrated and we like them that way but every term we offer a short 12-15 hour course for our candidates and for people who have been studying on their own but need some tips and tricks for the exam itself. So, this course will not teach you the main areas of…
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At CELT Athens CELTA & Delta Training as usual

  We have been following the news with bated breath and are, even as I write these lines, waiting to hear about our fates as determined by the powers that be. We believe that all tutors at CELT Athens made the right choice in the way we voted even though we acknowledged that there might…
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H Φιλοσοφία του "Μοιράζομαι" – Οι δικές μας ευθύνες

Φοβάμαι ότι η φιλοσοφία του ‘μοιράζομαι’ απουσιάζει από πολλούς εκπαιδευτικούς. Ετσι λοιπόν σκεπτόμενοι, αντί να παράγουμε πολίτες με κοινωνική συνείδηση, τους περάσαμε το μήνυμα ότι καλό είναι  ότι ξέρεις να το κρατάς για τον εαυτό σου, μήπως σου κλέψουν την ιδέα ότι έχεις, κράτα το για τον εαυτό σου – μη δίνεις τίποτε και σε…
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What steps are part of the process of designing a syllabus? What knowledge & skills do teachers need?

Summary of #ELTchat on January 25th 2012, 21.00 P.M. GMT By Toula Sklavou/@toulasklavou I recently completed and passed my Delta Module 3 assignment which involved designing a syllabus for a one-to-one exam prep course, so I felt that I would be able to contribute to this #ELTchat in a positive way and share my research…
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