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Teacher training and Development

Though I may be on the other side of the world from you…

<![CDATA[Last night I was trying to think of a Christmas message for this blog to show my feelings to you all and to send you my wishes. Right as i was searching for a suitable picture and thinking about the right words, I received this e-card from a friend. I was struck by the simplicity…
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Storming out or Norming in?

I first became interested in social group theory quite a few years ago, mainly due to a great colleague and friend, Angi Malderez who I met during the 2nd International Conference ever offered in Istabul in 1992 (or 3?). At that time, that most excellent book, “Classroom Dynamics” (OUP ) and bearing a dedication to…
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My Nominations for the Edublog Awards 2009 – A note of thanks

<![CDATA[ It doesn’t happen to anyone any faster than it has happened to me! I created a Twitter account last December during the riots in Athens. I learnt about hashtags and and about finding out and sending news very quickly but as an educator I didn’t really start using it till May. This was also…
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Painting Pictures – Innovation sometimes takes a long time to come home

<![CDATA[In the last few months, and mainly thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter, I have been meeting and interacting with a good number of colleagues about all things digital in general and foreign language education. There is great excitement in the air about either integrating ICT into educational programmes or, "going all the…
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My Twitter

<![CDATA[Twitter started out with the simple question "What are you doing?", a teacher's dream for realistic writing using the Present Continuous! In 140 characters, your response to that question was supposed to keep you up to speed with friends, family and colleagues around the world. [youtube=://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGbLWQYJ6iM&w=500&h=281] One of the Commoncraft videos on Twitter   Millions…
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