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Teacher training and Development

How to overcome observation anxiety- Tips for CELTA and Delta trainees

  Whether you have been observed by colleagues in a more or less unofficial setting, by your DOS as part of a job appraisal scheme or process, or as part of a teacher training course such as the CELTA or the Delta, being observed can be extremely stressful for most teachers. The topic of classroom observations is…
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Is the CELTA course just for new teachers?

  When the Cambridge CELTA was first created, it was intended as a pre-service course but experience has shown that it is a perfect course for the novice teacher, yes,  but it is also a great course even if you are an experienced teacher who has not had the opportunity to follow a proper training…
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Eight steps to becoming a more creative teacher (reblogged)

Earlier this summer, I was involved in a series of presentations, writings, webinars and even a trip to London to present a seminar live at the British Council central offices, in Spring Gardens.  Much of this activity has been reported here and elsewhere – facebook, twitter and even You Tube. Here is a blog post…
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Doing the CELTA: Do’s and Don’ts

This short guide is by no-means comprehensive, but I do hope it is practical and to-the-point. It is based on my experience as a CELTA trainer, so one might say I have seen the course form the inside J So here goes! What is the CELTA? The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other…
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The Giant Storymaker – Ideas for a Hundred Million Stories

<![CDATA[Storytelling is one of the most important acts of communication. Every day, in our contacts with friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances we share stories, anecdotes – things that happened to use, stories we read about in the news, on social media, stories we heard through others. _______________________________ In class, story building and storytelling can get…
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Tagged: In response to Doug Peterson

<![CDATA[This is a kind of a chain blog post in which one blogger tags you on their blog and challenges you to answer some questions and then pass the ball to eleven more bloggers! Photo Credit: SnaPsi Сталкер via Compfight Doug Peterson tagged me in this blogging meme.  This is the first time I take…
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Why do I blog?

<![CDATA[I recently used the same idea which I wrote about when this blog turned one year old, but here I am reposting it, as I simplified it to make it more accessible to teachers and learners new to blogging.  A variation of this post for learners of English was also posted at My English Club…
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#ELTchat Topics for May 1st

<![CDATA[ This week’s ELTchat topics are once again influenced by the rich set of resources provided by the IATEFL recordings.   The 12 BST #ELTchat will revisit the topic of coursebooks.  Since we’ve covered this topic before  often from the why do we need course books point of view, we realise it might cover some…
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My 2012 Nominations for the Edublogs Awards – #eddies 2012

<![CDATA[ All  Nominated!!! Please vote for them here: http://edublogawards.com/vote-here/     Every year, since I started blogging in 2009, I have made  a point of writing  an Edublogs Awards nominations blog post; I have got so much out of my own nominations that I always want to pass it on to someone who is getting…
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C is for Coherence

Is she coherent?  Watch this much discussed video of a young beauty pageant contestant answering a question posed by the judges.   Thinking Task 1 Is Miss South Carolina coherent or not?     Thinking Task  2 Read this text and say if it is coherent. Try to answer the following questions: Where was published?…
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