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Maria Kleitsiotou  27/06/21 CELTA Online
I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible! I am grateful for getting to know tutors that were beyond supportive and helpful!
Olympia Ligomenidou 26/06/21 CELTA Online
Keep walking in the same path. Thank you. You are amazing.

Kate Papadakis  26/06/21CELTA Online
I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of heart for making me feel so great and giving me this great opportunity and essentials to become a better teacher! You are all lovely and I will never forget you!

For an online course in 2020 – feeling positive and hopeful on the last day of their programme, trainees give their tutor individual feedback

      • Zillin Zhao on completing her CELTA in May 2021 wrote this
        I really appreciate your continuous guidance and encouragement. I feel gratitude to have the opportunity to do CELTA with you. I think the methods and ideas you brought to me will benefit me, my students and even my entire teaching life. I will always cherish this precious memory.I had not realised that I could learn so much from the CELTA course. I am a young teacher with only 3 years teaching experience. Before starting the CELTA course in the CELT Athens centre, I thought I had learnt a lot of teaching methodology and techniques by reviewing and applying Cambridge TKT terms. On the CELTA online course, I realised there were so many details which I had not been so sure  but could benefit my teaching practices.It was the first formal online course I have taken and had hesitated if it would be as useful as the f2f course. It was proved that my classmates and I did learn well because the course was designed carefully. Each step we took during the course was with guidance by highly experienced and professional tutors. I believe that the carefully designed route map and the professionalism of tutors are the major reasons why my course well so smoothly.The CELTA course is really challenging for a young teacher like me. With the kind help of these nice tutors, I did make gradual progress during the course and found myself more competent in the teaching career. I really thankful the great help from the Athens centre, for you are the ones who boosted my professional development.Zilin Zhao
      • Eleni Doss 30/07/19
        CELTA – I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am by Tamta Mshidovadze’s tutoring capabilities. I could not have asked for a better tutor quite honestly. She connected with us so easily and she was extremely professional. Her corrections and tips were so smoothly given that feedback became my favourite part of the course. Her suggestions were clear, to the point, and easy to follow because of her straightforward and practical responses. Her input sessions were motivating, and she was always able to put you in the learner’s shoes so you could evaluate your own ideas. She specifically limited her TTT time to get you thinking of solutions and give you time to process all the information given. She is ‘the Queen’ of activating your background knowledge. I love her practical solutions and suggestions which were perfectly suitable to a sleep-deprived class. I would really follow her to other courses around the world. I will remember her for a long, long time.
      • Haitham Ahmed El Sayed Hassan Omar 30/06/19 
         CELTA- I will miss all my great  tutors and my helpful colleagues. Wish you all the best

Previous years

  • Kate Varelas   Greece   Excellent! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience overall!! Celt Athens was and is the best centre to take any course offered

  • Ahmed Wagih  Egypt – t was unforgettable experience; whereas you have done your best to help your learners in a professional way. I already recommend Celt Athens to all my colleges who are willing to do the CELTA.

  • Cath Ferguson   UK  Excellent course, run by enthusiastic and supportive tutors. The CELTA class size was just right and the student groups we taught were also lovely. I’d recommend both the course, and Athens as a place to study.

  • Marta Vesselinova  Russia My experience on the CELTA course has definitely been eye-opening. To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement. I am extremely grateful to my tutors, my fellow trainee teachers, and everyone else involved in the process. Thank you all for your patience, guidance, feedback, and motivation!

  • Wanda Pierri  Greece Tough but really worthwhile!

  • Pandora Spring  UK Definitely worth all the blood, sweat and tears! A great course in a great city, I have not regretted my decision to take the CELTA at CELTAthens once.

  • Vasiliki Mantzaris  Greece It was a wonderful experience for me. I feel that it has really helped me grow as a teacher and made me want to continue growing and becoming better.

  • Angelos Bollas  Greece The CELTA course at CELT Athens has been the best experience of my professional and personal life so far. Thank you all so much for everything.

  • Emad Hosni  Egypt It was such a great experience. The tutors were very dedicated, professional and helpful. Fellow trainees were very friendly and enthusiastic.

  • Mahmoud Ahmed   KSA I would like to thank every single person I met at CELT Athens. It’s been an experience. Subjected to different teaching styles and techniques, I consider CELT Athens as the best place to do the celta course.


Delta Evaluations 

Maria Karagianni  26/06/21
DELTA All Modules – I wish you all the best thank you for everything you have given me this difficult year
Mia Makrogiannis  24/12/15   Online Delta      I really enjoyed the Delta online blended course at CELT Athens. I received excellent feedback from my tutors  throughout the course and was thoroughly prepared for all Modules. This course has really improved both my knowledge of teaching theories and my personal teaching practice. I can easily say that I have improved immensely. Thank you CELT
Marina Papageorgiou 3 September   Throughout my career in ELT I have always appreciated the valuable early training I received at CELT and all the cutting edge seminars by  Marisa ConstantinidesI attended through the years on various occasions. Greatly recommended teacher training centre for passionate, dedicated professionals!

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