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At CELT Athens CELTA & Delta Training as usual

Teacher training and Development

At CELT Athens CELTA & Delta Training as usual


ssWe have been following the news with bated breath and are, even as I write these lines, waiting to hear about our fates as determined by the powers that be.

We believe that all tutors at CELT Athens made the right choice in the way we voted even though we acknowledged that there might come some difficult times ahead. An educational institution is not about money, it’s about principles and what is morally right!

We are very happy we retained ALL our trainees in a record breaking month – July 2015 – where we could not take any more even if we wanted to!!!

We wish to thank our trainees for

  • not pulling out or cancelling their courses at the last minute
  • entrusting us to offer them the best possible course
  • working as hard as they can to be the best teachers they can be

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They may not know it  yet, not yet fully understood it, but they have just made some lifelong friends and supporters in all they endeavour to do and be as educators.