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Category: Teacher Education

Teacher training and Development

On Training up to Become a Cambridge CELTA tutor

Many of my Delta Diploma graduates and even CELTA graduates, often ask me if we would train them up so they can become CELTA tutors. This is a post to help them understand the process and why it is so difficult to get accepted on such an induction course.     Why are some teachers so keen…
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CELTA Fully Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has, in just a few short weeks, managed to change the face of education and to bring remote teaching into the picture. Where teachers used to believe that it would take years for online learning to really take hold, a pandemic has completely changed everything we felt safe and comfortable about in…
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Teaching styles and lesson outcomes

<![CDATA[  This is the first of a series of guest blog posts from members of my online ‘family’, my PLN. I am thrilled and  honoured to have Marjorie Rosenberg write her reflections on this topic on my blog,  Marjorie is  an active and prominent member of the ELT community, teacher, teacher trainer, author,  IATEFL BESIG coordinator,…
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The Giant Storymaker – Ideas for a Hundred Million Stories

<![CDATA[Storytelling is one of the most important acts of communication. Every day, in our contacts with friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances we share stories, anecdotes – things that happened to use, stories we read about in the news, on social media, stories we heard through others. _______________________________ In class, story building and storytelling can get…
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Are you ready to go beyond your comfort zone?

<![CDATA[ Once an English teacher has put a few years of experience under their belt, they often come to a point in their teaching career where they are beginning to feel the need for further professional development. This is a stage akin to the intermediate learning plateau that learners of English as a foreign language…
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