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‘No teacher should be allowed to teach without having attended methodology courses. All my teachers have attended courses at CELT Athens as well as a tailor made seminar programme which was specially designed for my staff. Lessons have stopped being routine at my school.

Mrs.Maria Papavarsami,
Teacher & FL School Owner, Ilissia, Athens 

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‘I attended courses at CELT Athens myself first (the Introductory Methods Course and later the RSA Diploma) and then all my teachers followed. CELT Athens also ran an extensive teacher development programme at our school. The quality of teaching is now very high AND numbers have increased, too!’

Mrs.Elpida Papadantonaki,Teacher & FL School Owner, Perama, Athens


Are you interested in offering your staff the opportunity for some teacher development?  CELT Athens can organize a workshop, a one-day seminar, or even a whole course especially for you and your teachers. CELT Athens has run a multitude of INSET (in-service training) courses for some of the finest foreign language centres throughout Greece and abroad. We pride ourselves on having contributed to their excellent reputation for quality in foreign language education.

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Our technology also allows us to organise webinars, so wherever your school may be, we can run a short refresher workshop or series of online workshops at a
cost much lower than a face-to-face event. 

Short 40-hour in-service  course run for Mrs B.Varthaliti School

What is an INSET Programme?  

*INSET stands for in-service training, i.e. the teachers are training while working  and the training is offered as part of their continuous development. Sessions are usually held at the  premises of the school or association or group of teachers, lthough it is possible to run them at CELT Athens if requested. CELT is centrally located and has excellent facilities, including an extensive ELT library for  teachers, teacher trainers and researchers. CELT Athens has extensive experience of running such programmes. Read below to see 
the names of just a few of the foreign language centres we have run such programmes for and also view some of the comments of the Directors of Studies/School Owners. 

How will your school benefit?

Apart from the fact that the seminars and workshops are tailor-made to cater to the needs of your institution and your staff, students and course books you are using, these opportunities for teacher development generate motivation, enthusiasm and a team spirit. Teachers develop closer collaborative bonds, a desire to excel and the overall effect is an improvement in the quality of teaching and materials.
Who are the trainers?
The trainers are all highly qualified professionals with extensive teaching and  teacher training experience. All hold postgraduate qualifications at M.A. level in TEFL, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or  both. All tutors are RSA Diploma holders themselves and train on all CELT courses including the the Cambridge DELTA Diploma  and CELTA, as well as  programmes offered to the PALSO teacher training programmes and to foreign language centres. Click read the comments of two school owners we have run INSET courses for and here to view the profiles of the CELT Athens tutors.
How can you select topics for these workshops? 

Click to download this Seminar Checklist – a list of topics which you can submit on line or send by fax. Topics can be selected by a supervisor or the teachers, ideally both!
One of the  CELT Athens tutors can also assist you and your staff by visiting your school, discussing issues and problems with groups and individuals, or by being invited to visit a number of classes to identify areas of difficulty and possible topics for workshops.

What costs are involved? 

In-Athens rates range between 50-80 
euros per hour of training, depending on the total number of hours and topic (the more hours, the lower the rate) and whether the course is run face-to-face or online.

Out-of-Athens rates are only very slightly higher but travel, accommodation and subsistence costs must be added on. Special arrangements and rates are offered to schools which need  a long term teacher development programme and regular meetings, e.g. once per month – these arrangements may also include regular observations of teachers in their own classes. 

Online webinars and workshops for out-of-Athens foreign language centres are an ideal solution which cuts the costs considerably as we charge Athens rates. Please contact us for the technical requirements for teachers to participate successfully.

And the cost for a whole course? 

If you prefer to ask us to run one of our shorter or longer courses exclusively for your staff, fees are not calculated on an hourly basis but a much lower group rate is offered to the school organising the course. The discount ranges from 15% to as high as 25% for large numbers of teachers. Such seminars can be organised at CELT or your own premises

Is there anything else you should know? 

If you need further information or someone to visit your school, please send an email  to

 or call 210 330406 for an appointment 

Note for local schools

Do bear in mind that some of the money that an
y employer pays into IKA for health insurance, is available for staff training through your local ΟΑΕΔ employment office. 

CELT Athens Client Schools & Publishers

Seminar Checklist

 Barbara Varthaliti-Kalantzaki Schools 


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