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Teaching English to Young Learners

Teacher training and Development

Delivered Fully Online in our Live Interactive Classroom


This is a course highly suited to teachers who have already completed their basic training and wish to specialise in teaching young learners.

It is an ideal CELTA Extension course for those who have recently obtained a CELTA and are concerned about being offered jobs where they need to teach young and very young learners.

The course also accepts teachers without prior training who would like to to use this course as a short introduction to the methods and techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

What you will learn on this course:

The  programme covers all the basic areas of methodology with a sharp focus on the young learner.  Participants will learn a variety of teaching approaches and  techniques and will be better able to:

  • Understand how children learn languages with reference to current educational theories on children’s linguistic development
  • Implement classroom routines and reward systems in your classes to help with classroom management
  • Make tasks and activities clear to young learners and monitor and give feedback appropriately considering age and level
  • Establish rapport and create and maintain young learners’ interest using story books, songs, games and drama
  • Explore different approaches to teaching YLs including project-based learning, task-based learning and CLIL
  • Provide a suitable level of challenge for learners and differentiate tasks and activities where appropriate using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Understand the learning needs of groups or of individual young learners, and of the motivation of learners in different circumstances and environments
  • Implement learning to learn techniques in your YL classrooms
  • Consider best practices in the use of educational technology in the YL classroom
  • Reflect on their own effectiveness as a YL teacher

The course is comprised of input sessions, assignments and observations.  

Input sessions

You will receive 20 hours of compulsory input sessions which will develop your knowledge and confidence when teaching young learners. Workshop topics include:

  • Language Learning Theories
  • Classroom Management and Reward Systems
  • Differentiation, Cognition and Challenge
  • Teaching 21st Century Life Skills.

As a course participant, you will also have the opportunity to choose additional topics from a list which will, in part, create a course that will fit your needs. The course covers a wide spectrum of age ranges, from very young learners to teens but the bulk of the focus on a particular age range usually depends on the participants and their preferences.

Assessment & Certification


You will complete four assignments on the course which will help you build your skills in the following areas:

  • Adapting a course book activity or resource for your current group of students
  • Building a thematic unit of work for a YL course
  • Identifying your own areas to work on and creating a SMART action plan to address these areas
  • Reflecting on what you have learnt during the course


You will have two observations at the beginning and end of the course.

  • You will receive assisted lesson planning and spoken and written feedback with an experienced trainer.
  • You will be teaching your own group of Young Learner students and will need parental permission for the observation to take place
  • Each observation is 40 minutes long
  • Each observation is either online or recorded and sent to the trainer

To Register 

Please complete and return the application form by clicking here:  TEYL

Tuition Fees

Tuition for the course is 400 euros and includes 

  • 20 contact hours online in our fully interactive online classroom where you will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with teachers from other parts of the world.
  • Free materials downloads and access to the recordings of the live interactive classes
  • Free membership to resources and materials that you can use freely with your young learners
  • Networking with the student body of our institution which includes teachers, directors of studies and materials writers, teacher trainers from all over the world.
  • Assessment and comments on assignments
  • Lesson planning for two lessons and spoken and written feedback on these
  • Certificate of Attendance & Accomplishment

For more information please email info@celt.edu.gr


Course participant review


Teaching English to Young Learners

Online Interactive Course

  10 weeks online

  • August 30 – October 30
  • October 4 – December 10


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