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Teacher training and Development


Mission Statement 

A Top TEFL teacher training centre in Europe, offering DELTA and CELTA courses for more than 25 years with a 100% track record of success. With more than 2000 trainees who have completed our courses, we were among the first to introduce these courses online – pioneers in teaching and training online. The centre was established in 1989 as CELT and later, in 1993, as CELT Athens. We are fully dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in  teaching and training teachers of English, looking to improve the state of foreign language education locally as well as internationally.

Equality Statement

CELT Athens is firmly committed to the principle of open and equal opportunity for all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, and belief. This principle is promoted in all functions of our centre, including selection of and assessment of performance of tutors, assessors and candidates which is based solely on professionally relevant criteria. Our centre is also open to and equipped to accept candidates who may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

TEFL Courses – Teacher Training & Development

Our courses include the Cambridge CELTA Certificate courseas well as a range of other courses, from English for English Language Teachers & Grammar for English Language Teachers preparatory programmes for TEFL teachers to the post-graduate CambridgeDelta Diploma. But apart from these two flagship courses which have built our great reputation as a centre, we also offer a variety of shorter course options as well as workshops and consultation services for language centres. Please click on link to find out a summary of all our TEFL CoursesTo date, we have trained more than 2,500 Foreign Language teachers, directors of studies and administrators and have worked with the private as well as the state school sector. CELT trainees come from many countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, S.Africa and more) as well as from Greece. They come to CELT to start or develop their teaching careers ; many currently hold posts of responsibility in Greece and overseas.


The Cambridge CELTA Online

For new teachers or colleagues without a TEFL certificate – Click here for more 

There is no other teaching certificate mentioned as much the Cambridge CELTAin all the job postings on the web. The course leading to this Teaching Award is taken

annually by more than 10,000 teachers worldwide – some are completely new to the profession and some seek it as proof of training even though they may be quite experienced. Read all about ithere and find out how you, too can obtain it at our centre.

  • The Fully Online CELTA – part time or full time: All the input/content for this course is offered by distance on the Cambridge online platform and teaching assessments are held on Zoom.
  • The Blended CELTA – part time only: All the input/content for this course is offered by distance on the Cambridge online platform but teaching assessments are held in Athens
  • The CELTA in Athens – Part time or Intensive in 4 weeksWe offer 3-mornings a week courses or one-day per week Saturday courses to part time trainees apart from our classic 4 week in person courses in Athens

The Cambridge Delta Online

For experienced teachers with a CELTA or equivalent TEFL certificate  – Click here for more

More experienced teachers who wish to consolidate their career and take on positions of responsibility as Directors of Studies, Academic Managers, Teacher Trainers and more usually look at the Cambridge Delta as the basic foundation in that direction.  Most of the higher positions advertised today specifically mention the Delta as one of the requirements. You can find out all about the options we offer if you visit the introductory page linked here, General Information about the Cambridge Deltaor, try to look for the option you prefer from the menu below:   

Our centre has been offering Diplomas as far back as 1989 and ourtutorsare amongst the most experienced in the ELT profession.

Preparation Courses

These are shorter courses for those who would like to upgrade their language skills or grammar knowledge before a CELTA or Delta course. The new demand for online instruction

Short Specialism Online Courses

These short courses are offered online via Moodle and can be taken as standalone courses or as part of the Cambridge Delta Diploma, leading to research and an assignment which may include the design of a Syllabus (Extending Practice and ELT Specialism ) or a proposal for an innovation in ELT Management (ELTM Specialism).

Bespoke Courses for Schools & Associations

In-school Course on Coursebook Materials Exploitation & Adaptation 

Our centre has a long tradition of delivering a variety of courses from Cambridge programmes to tailor made workshops, seminars or even mini-courses for schools and associations; for a diversity of individual teachers’ needs as well as institutional needs. We invite you to review our regularly offered courses below and through our other pages.

Our team of tutors has great design capabilities and we have worked with schools, companies and school associations delivering bespoke courses for a wide range of needs – from teaching exam classes, to training teachers of Modern Languages (German, French & Italian),  Directors of Studies and foreign language school owners.

Wherever you are in the world we can provide your teachers with continuous professional development. Please get in touch for a proposal that responds to your teachers’ needs – our practical sessions can be offered face-to-face or online.

English for Adults

CELT Athens is a specialist centre in teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults. We offer a wide variety of tailor made programmes for companies and individuals. Click here for information on our one-to-one courses and on our Corporate courses.

English is the Lingua Franca of the modern world.

And it is not just the language spoken in the British Isles or the United States, but spoken and used all over the world, as a first language alone, it is used in more  than 100 countries in the world It is not surprising that everyone wants to be able to speak this language to some degree.Check out our course options – online or offline!!

CELT offers general and Business Greek courses organised mainly in Athens or online; every summer, a two-week immersion course is organised on a Greek island. Click here for more information, levels, dates and tuition.

Where you can find us

Recently relocated to new, more spacious premises, you can find us in the heart of Athens,  a city with so much to see and do!

Our centre is within easy reach of multiple means of transport and just two metro stops away from the Acropolis and the surrounding area, Plaka, the old city quarter of Athens at the foot of the Acropolis and just 30 mins away from some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.



Connect with us

CELT, 3 G.Gennadiou Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 3301202| +30 6974965437   E-mail:  info@celt.edu.gr